One of EPIC's core values is "Opportunity"...to give the opportunity to others to make their dreams a reality.

Reyna Vargas de Alvarez took her opportunity and enrolled in our EPIC high school in Atwater Ca.

Join us in congratulating Reyna. She was nominated by her teacher Bernadette De Salles for May Student of the Month.

In March 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic brought learning to a screeching halt worldwide, creating the most severe global education disruption in history. Our students faced difficult times and switching to virtual learning became a challenge. It was a big change for educators, students, and their families.

During this time, although difficult, Reyna continued working hard and taking advantage of all the opportunities she had to reach her goal.

"I chose Reyna for Student of the Month because she is fearless. I say she is fearless because she has a confidence that shows in how she carries herself. I am sure that she has her moments of insecurities, but she seems to push through and completes the tasks ahead. She always does her best in the classroom and tries to participate in classroom discussions. She is a great role model to the other students and is a great person to be around. I am unsure of what Reyna's plan is beyond high school, but I know that Reyna will be successful in whatever she sets her mind to do. I am very proud of Reyna and look forward to seeing her graduate soon." Said Ms. De Salles about Reyna.

Congratulations Reyna for all your hard work and not giving up.


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