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Congratulations to our very own ESL teacher Juan C. Vieyra Navarro on receiving his Master's in Spanish from CSUB. We congratulate him on his journey and accomplishment. SI SE PUEDE!

" I came to the USA at the age of 8 along with my parents from Mexico, Guanajuato. I have faced many struggles, but with the support of my family and school staff, I have been able to continue with my education. During my community college education, I worked in the agriculture sector simultaneously as I attended Bakersfield College. In this institution, I received a double major in Liberal Studies and Spanish. Later, I transferred to CSUB and received a BA in Spanish with a minor in Sociology. I am currently working at Farmworkers Institute of Education and Leadership Development as an English as a Second Language Instructor. This job has helped me acquire many skills and allowed me to work with the adult population. My job consists of teaching the fundamentals of the English language to prepare adults to continue their high school education or their college education. My passion for teaching has inspired me to continue working on my Master's in Spanish, which I am about to finish. This program has helped me learn the theory of teaching Spanish as a second language, prepared me to become more multicultural, learn how to apply linguistics, and much more. This shows that no matter your background or who you are, you can become whoever you want to be!" Juan C Vieyra Navarro~ M.A. Spanish, Spring 2021
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