Student of the Month


Marlen Bautista is another one of our students to make the list for Student of the month. Marlen attends our EPIC de Cesar Chavez High School in Merced Ca. She was chosen by her teacher Ms. Bernadette De Salles and the teachers aide Mr. Ian Moore.

"She has consistently produced excellent work and commitment to attending classes, despite working long hours as a tractor operator in the fields." Said Mr. Moore.

In May Marlen completed two cyber high classes US History Unit #7 & #8 getting 96% & 88% respectively. Along with Ventures #2 Unit #7 & Unit #8 tests achieving 95% & 100%. 

Congratulations Marlen on achieving great things no matter the obstacles. 

Its an indication of her charity that she shares her photo with her daughter. Her commitment and dedication are an inspiration for us all. 


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