EPIC Student of the Month

 María Guadalupe Fernández another January student of the month. She attends EPIC high school in Soledad Ca. Her teacher is Ms. Monica Escutia. Ms. Escutia described María as an incredible student. María has been with EPIC for two and half years. She is the semester graduate, earning straight A’s despite her constant physical and health issues. These issues only made María strive harder and never gave up. Ms. Escutia said “María has always been so generous and patient despite what was going on in her life. Always helping other classmates get ahead and offering words of wisdom. She is very positive. I myself felt better when she would join the class. She will be missed. I have no doubt she will accomplish great things and I see a great future ahead for Maria” Thank you Maria for being a great student leader and never giving up. The best is yet to come. Si Se Puede!

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